📍 Integrations Overview

Sync secrets with internal and external integrations


Once you have created secrets, you can use any integration from our catalog to sync secrets with them.

Here are some of the use cases for which you'd want to set up an integration for secret syncing:

  1. Application Secrets: Sync application secrets (such as API tokens, passwords, etc.) with runtimes such as Kubernetes, ECS, Lambda, Railway, Supabase, and more.
  2. Deployment Secrets: Sync build & deployment secrets (such as ECR token, etc.) with CI/CD tools such as GitHub Actions, JFrog, etc.
  3. Secret Migration: Import existing secrets to CommandK from AWS Secrets Manager, Hashicorp Vault, etc.

You can leverage CommandK's built-in integrations to share secrets with internal and external providers securely.


New Integration Request

We're continuously adding support for new integrations. If you have a use-case, you can either build using our public APIs or reach out to us so that we can introduce in the platform.

Integrations v/s SDKs v/s APIs

Integration: We build native integrations with each integration provider so that you can benefit immediately without any extra development.

SDKs & APIs: If you want more control, you can always use our SDKs & HTTP APIs to consume secrets. Please check out the SDK & CLI section to know more.